It was a rough time, but through our sacrifice, diligence and general belief in not only protecting ourselves, but our fellow man, the global pandemic is slowly melting away here in North America. To be sure, it has not been an easy or partially fun ride since February and a lot of people in our industry have lived through some very tough times. However, people in this business are made of good, strong stuff and not only have they endured, but now they want to do what they do best, and that is get back to work.

Before Covid 19 ravaged the planet, construction builders have always benefited from estimating services. As we all know, time is money and estimating services such as ours are a proven way to save time and money on a construction project. Much like a new, more efficient tool, we provided a great service to our clients then, and now in a post pandemic world, we are essential to your project.

A post-Covid job site is going to have to embrace many new protocols in order to help prevent the spread of the virus. It is now a simple fact of life and the rules are the same for everybody. That does not mean that builders can now raise their rates in order to pay for these changes because the market simply will not bear the costs. If anything, the opposite may be true, which means builders have to find saving and efficiency wherever they can in order to do the same job, at the same price on the same timeline as they did before the crisis hit.

When you use an estimating service, you hire people who are dedicated experts in their field who are able to estimate the cost of your project with a higher degree of accuracy, typically within 1% of final construction costs. Additionally, a team such as hours work remotely, as a contracted service. That means that in addition to now having to worry about more people on the job site who have to social distance themselves and work within new safety protocols, estimating services only charge for the hours spent working on your project, compared to having to employ full time staff. These benefits allow us to provide a safer, more convenient service that also offers a higher standard of estimating service at a lower rate and faster turnaround times.

As our industry adapts and moves forward, we will have to find new ways to streamline our businesses. We will need more people working remotely rather than in the office, we will have to find new ways to efficiently deploy our workers on the job site, so they can safely do their job without losing time or compromising quality, and the list goes on.

Builders will now rely upon our estimating service as an essential component of their business because we offer a service which ticks every box in this new construction landscape while also raising the accuracy of your next bid.